About Us


We Are a People Business

Our major assets are those hardworking men and women who have proven themselves, and to our clients, that work is much more than a coin value. Our work is qualified, and we take great pride in it.


About Us

Our social impact starts by mainly hiring staff that have faced employment challenges. This could be language barriers; time restrains or even a disability of some kind. We use a strict screening and ongoing training process, just like anyone else. Upon successful screening, we offer fair and flexible employment opportunities to meet the needs of both our staff and our clientele. Only then, we LUX CLEAN.

However, we do not stop there, we also facilitate tools and resources to our staff members that empower them to always achieve their full potential. This might mean that they might move on to work independently. Not only the cycle starts again within our company, but a new business owner, who once was an LSS Staff Member, most likely be as socially driven as we are.

Proudly, we have trained over 400 people, who were students, mothers, newcomers, refugees and social assistance recipients. They all have finished their studies, raised their kids, learned the language and self-sustained financially while proudly wearing our uniform.​

If you want to learn more or would like to do business with us because your social goals align with ours, please contact us.


Our Story

Lux Smart Staffing came to life when two friends and colleagues, while working for a large cleaning company, got frustrated for not being able to progress personally and professionally as janitors.

Time and money were major concerns, but despite that, they dropped everything and created Lux Smart Staffing.

From extremely humble beginnings, housing pens, markers in a shoebox, and a personal laptop, Sara and Lorena ventured into entrepreneurship.

Our goal: To create jobs for those with barriers to employment and to minimize the environmental footprint in the Cleaning Industry. We have come a long way, from running to a dollar store to purchase our first kit of cleaning tools and supplies, right after signing our very first contract, to working with worldwide known artists and millionaires.

Nevertheless, our values are still the same. We aim to improve constantly, take great pride of all our staff and training techniques and truly help them with integral development.



Our Coverage Areas

  • Toronto
  • North York
  • Vaughan
  • Oakville
  • King City
  • Etobicoke
  • Mississauga
  • Richmond Hill
  • Brampton
  • Markham
  • Burlington
  • New Market
  • Pickering
  • Scarborough

We provide fully customized services

We strive to provide flawless services, so you can live better and free valuable time off your schedule.