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Our happy customers

We stand alongside a strong base of recurring clientele. We are proud of our business and we are proud of our results. We guarantee the best outcome for our cleaning services.

Lorena of Lux Smart Staffing has been a valuable subcontractor since October. We are honoured to work with a company that lives up to their good reputation, expertise and experience in this industry.

Dean Constantopoulos
Vice President, RECO Cleaning Services Inc.

Lorena and her dedicated crew have been cleaning for our company and our clients for a year now. From the momemtno I met Lorena and her crewI knew they were going to be perfect fit with our company and I was right!

Collen O'Rourke
CSR Manager, Prep'n Sell

In their time with us, we have been completely satisfied with their office cleaning, floor maintenance and customer service. Lorena and her team carry themselves professionally and complete their duties thoroughly.

Vitor Oliveira

We provide fully customized services

We strive to provide flawless services, so you can live better and free valuable time off your schedule.